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Buy e-Liquid produces 5 high quality, premium eJuices that are also available for purchase at unheard of wholesale discounts! Dedicated to unsurpassable customer service, supplying only quality made hardware and as well manufacturing the finest eJuice selections. Buy e-Liquid is prepared to beat your expectations of quality eJuice. So don’t delay, buy now and contact a helpful representative for more information today!

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Kahuna e-Liquid

First off, introducing Kahuna e-Liquid. Kahuna is a fantastic blend of 70%VG and 30%PG. An executive brand consisting of a wide array of flavours, as a result making Kahuna eJuice a perfect e-Liquid for everyone! So let your palate relish in our smooth selection of tobacco’s. Or maybe you’d prefer to enjoy a slice of grandma’s apple pie, immersing yourself in childhood memories. Maybe break off a piece of sweet and nutty hazelnut chocolate in our craving chocolate hazelnut e-Liquid. Lastly, you may also enjoy a blast with blackberry blast, an amazing berry-full explosion in every taste!

Exotics e-Liquid

Secondly we have Exotics e-Liquid, Exotics is a heavenly blend of 34%VG and 66%PG. So escape to foreign lands with flavours plucked from around the world with Exotics eJuice. First of all explore Africa with flavours such as Watermelon and Pomegranate. Or either choose between a tantalising buffet of flavours from Asia, including; Chai Spice, Mango, Pineapple, and Raspberry. Maybe take a trip down under to Australia and New Zealand for delectable tastes of Kiwi and Green Apples. Furthermore you may only crave tobacco flavours, s view our heavily stocked tobacco flavour section now!

Amsterdam e-Liquid

Thirdly, Amsterdam e-Liquid, Amsterdam is a sublime blend of 34%VG and 66%PG. So over indulge, let yourself be entranced with Amsterdam, the city of pleasure. While you stroll down the red light district, vape on tangy Sweet Tarts, or blow bubbles with Bubblegum e-Liquid. Flavours are indescribable, ranging from delectable drinks flavours such as; Root-beer Float, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Pina Colada, Cola Float and Beautiful Brandy. Seems like Amsterdam eJuice will soon be your guilty pleasure and wonderful escape from it all.

Naturals e-Liquid

The fourth member, Naturals e-Liquid, Naturals is a simple blend of 100%VG. Consisting of an unrivalled compilation of flavours such as refreshing, Lime, Lemon and combined Lemon-Lime flavours. Berry fanatics will rejoice with beautiful blends of Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry and also delightful Strawberry. As well, tobacco flavoured enthusiasts will be impressed with by the distinct flavours of Black Cherry Tobacco and Rich Tobacco. Also, the popular Spearmint tobacco e-Liquid is available in this line. Naturals eJuice is most of all, an uncomplicated brand, perfect for absolute simplicity.

Silk Cloud e-Liquid

Lastly, we have Silk Cloud e-Liquid. Silk Cloud is a delectable blend of 100%VG. Cloud chaser at heart? Distilled with water between 1%-5% depending on the size of flavour molecule. Silk Cloud eJuice is our thickest line available giving you thick, full hits every time! So, custard lovers from far and wide gather to sample these exceptional custard flavours including; Pralines & Cream, Honey & Toffee, Berries & Cream, plus many more! Or is that big kid in you loving something sour, generating that silly pucker face? Dabble in our sour collection including flavours such as Sour Watermelon and Blue Raspberry!

Dosha Breathables Aromatherapy Inhalers

Another wholesale opportunity is Dosha Breathables Aromatherapy Inhalers. These are each unique blends of essential oils, as well, each blend is compiled of all organic oils. Dosha Breathables e-Liquids focus on delivering essential oils and their many benefits directly to the lungs. Aromatherapy Inhalers are a delicious line of perfectly blended essential oils delivered in a convenient aromatherapy inhaler about the size of a regular nasal inhaler. 

Buy e-Liquid Hardware

In addition to premium e-Liquids we carry hardware as well.  Our products are some of the top leading vape wear on the market. Brands such as; Kanthal, Wick N Vape, Kanger and Sigelei. We also carry; Efest, Nitecore, Eleaf, eStick, Vision Spinner and as well Aspire products.

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